A Warning to Buyers

An important aspect that spa buyers need to consider is what assistance the company that they purchase their spa from can offer them when there is a problem with the spa. Spa sales staff will promise you the world to portable spa buyers but the reality is that when there is a warranty problem with your spa, the shop that you purchased it from does not have control of how the issue is fixed as you are only offered a 'Manufacturers Warranty'.  Most spa shops don't even have their own service technicians, sub contractors with no affiliation to their business would be used.

Normally the manufacturer or importer (not the retailer) determines how warranty issues are resolved and who does the repair work. In Australia there are certain Victorian manufacturers that deliberately delay the warranty process and forbid the retailer from doing repair work until they officially authorise the repair (this can take weeks and even months for simple jobs like a pump replacement to occur).


* Since 2006, the majority of Australian spa manufacturers have gone out of business and the warranties that these now extinct companies offered are supposed to be honoured by the retailer that sold the spa (but are not).

* Since 2006 in South East Queensland more than 40 spa retailers have closed their doors for good and their customers have no warranty support whatsoever, they now cannot get spare parts for their spas. Many have had to just get rid of their spas.

* Many spa retailers import poorly made spas that don't comply with Australian plumbing & electrical standards or have SAA approvals, they re-brand these spas and tell the public that they are Australian or American designed so the consumer thinks they are purchasing a quality product (but are not).

* Spa retailers that import these inferior quality spas are the only company that has access to spare parts for the spa and the warranty on these spas is provided only by the retailer that sold the spa. You need to ask yourself 'if that retailer is no longer in business, who will do repair work on the spa and how much will it cost considering there may be no compatible parts available'?

* Some Australian spa manufacturers and retailers regularly enter 'voluntary administration' and change their corporate identity and company details so that they don't have to honour warranties from their previous company name.

Only Simply Spas & The Spa Doctors Offer 'Lifetime Service Support' With 100% Peace Of Mind!

Do you really know who you are dealing with and do you have total peace of mind when deciding on who to purchase your spa from? Are the promises from the sales person you're purchasing the spa from in writing or is it only verbal?

Simply Spas is the only spa retailer in Queensland that has the infrastructure and staff (not sub contractors) to assist our customers with any problem that could ever happen to your spa. Our mobile service department, The Spa Doctors has complete authority as to how warranty issues are dealt with, this means you can relax in the knowledge that you are going to be supported properly for the life of your spa. The Spa Doctors even discounts your hourly rate for the life of your spa by 50% after the warranty period has passed...